13 June 2008


I once had a jarvey as a pet when I was 5. I thought it was so cute and I had to have it. My parents did not think twice and we brought it home... I named him Duncan. It was so fun to have a pet that could talk - a very different experience from my dolls for tea.

A few days after bringing it home, I got dressed for dinner and met my parents in the dining hall. Dinner was brought to me, and when I looked at it I said, "What the bloody hell is that?!" My parents looked at me in horror, and then anger. I was sent to my bedroom for my foul mouth. After they were done eating, my mother came to my room and asked me where I learned such language and I told her from Duncan. Apparently, that jarvey's speak in rudes phrases and insults slipped her mind. Soon after that incident, Duncan left the house. My parents said they sent it to some family in France.

So, while jarvey's might be cute, they can be problematic if you care what your children say.]

My trip with my mother was fabulous. She took me to Paris and then we spent time with my family in Provence. Shopping in Paris... to die for!

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